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Led by Andrés Salazar Ríos since 2016, the research group has studied in recent years the distribution and environmental implications of recent and fossil ostracoda from the Colombian basins. Currently, the group is training undergraduate students in the reconstruction of paleoenvironments in the Neogene of Amazon region and the estimation of the biodiversity of these organisms and their response to climate change in Caribbean coral reefs. In addition, the group is developing scientific publications with researchers from other universities in Colombia and Latin America on the fossils of this group in the Llanos Basin, the Caribbean of Colombia and the Andes Cordillera.

I am a Geologist from the University de Caldas (Colombia), MSc in Geology and Geochemistry from the Universidade Federal do Pará (Brazil). My main interests are the distribution of fossil and recent ostracods of the Neotropics, both in continental and marine environments, and their response to geological or climatic changes, but also on some other aspects of Colombian geological evolution. I belong to the ostracods group and the Scientific Committee of the Institute since 2016 and I direct the Calcareous Microfossils Research Group of the Institute since 2017. I have also taught several subjects related to Stratigraphy and Historical Geology from 2016 to 2019 in the Department of Geological Sciences at the Universidad de Caldas.

I am a profesional on earth sciences from the University of Caldas. My interest lies in micropaleontology of calcareous microfossils, mainly ostracods from Midle Devonian, with approaches to some Cenozoic and cretaceous groups, most recently begin of nannofossils calcareous (marine microalgae). I participated in projects routed on the biostratographic study of some basins of the country of different ages (understood between the last 65 million years). In addition, lead various audiovisual projects aimed at generating timely divulgation and appropriation of the scientific knowledge in the earth sciences. Currently, I belong to the group of Ostracods of this institute.

Plata, A., Bárcena, M.A., Vallejo, D.F., Trejos, R.A., Pardo-Trujillo, A., Flores, J.A., Sierro, F. 2018. First record of middle Miocene marine diatoms from the Colombian Pacific (NW South America) and their paleoceanographic significance. Marine Micropaleontology, 140, 17-32. Link

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